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Michael Schierl is the founder of Julius Capital. Through his professional and personal pursuits, Mr. Schierl has focused his career on the integration of finance and philanthropy. Mr. Schierl’s life’s work is to help his non-profit clients create new “financial ecosystems” that integrate finance (borrowing) and balance sheet philanthropy (structured and planned giving) in order to obtain full-vision funding for their mission-critical initiatives and new business units.

Mr. Schierl is a recognized leader in the non-profit financial community for his work developing sophisticated “evergreen” conduit bond financing structures with embedded shelf-offering capabilities that enable his clients to obtain full-vision funding for high-impact initiatives typically viewed as beyond the reach of many nonprofit organizations.

At the heart of most Julius-designed funding solutions is the JC “unified credit facility” which permits the issuance under a single credit facility of (1) private “bank bonds” (Sr. X-Bonds) and (2) public “donor-friendly bonds” (Sr. A-Bonds and Jr. B-Bonds) specially designed for use as “donor inventory” in connection with Julius-designed structured/planned giving campaigns. The unified credit facility structure allows Borrowers: (i) to issue under a single credit facility, taxable debt, tax-exempt debt or a mix of taxable and tax-exempt debt; (ii) to simultaneously shop each of these markets in order to secure the very best blend of rate and terms; and (iii) to avoid over-dependence on a single lender (e.g., a single bank or bond buyer), a single market (e.g., the private loan market or public bond market) or one-sided loan papers written by a single lender.

Julius Capital turn-key funding solutions are designed to be easily replicable among affiliated non-profit organizations. The funding solutions combine techniques drawn from Mr. Schierl’s unique experience in several disparate worlds: (1) bond financing techniques from his experience practicing law in New York with a major international law firm; (2) balance sheet philanthropy techniques utilized by leading Foundations; and (3) business startup experience from Mr. Schierl’s involvement with dozens of for-profit and non-profit startups.

A graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of Notre Dame (1984 Great Books Program), Mr. Schierl is consecrated to Our Lady and a member of the Militia Immaculata, founded by St. Maximillian Kolbe. Mr. Schierl serves on the Advisory Board of the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate at the University of Notre Dame.

He resides in LaGrange Park, IL with his wife, Valerie. He has five children, two in college and three in high school.

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Harvard Law School | J.D.

University of Note Dame | B.A.