Brad Endres



Brad brings a unique blend of experience from the startup and real estate sectors to help clients achieve their project goals. Over the past decade, Brad has been engaged in helping apostolates, parishes, and entrepreneurs grow and deploy their financial, cultural, and organizational capital to make their desired impact in the world.

Starting in 2014, Brad served 2 years as a Missionary and Team Director with the Fellowship of University Students (FOCUS), a Catholic lay apostolate serving college students. After some time pursuing higher education, he went on to serve 3 years as the Director of Mission Advancement for Crossroads 4 Christ (C4C), a startup Catholic lay apostolate with a mission to promote faith-centered community amongst young professionals. In his role with C4C, he guided the organization to scale from a volunteer outreach with zero funding to an established Catholic apostolate with a development program supporting multiple employees and an annual budget of over $225,000.

From this experience, and after a fateful read-through of Rich Dad, Poor Dad during the depths of COVID lockdowns, Brad went on to found a real estate private equity firm, Avail Capital, in 2021. Avail Capital leverages its portfolio of commercial real estate investments and experience in the startup world to Grow, Give, and Guide capital to faith-driven entrepreneurs and organizations.

Brad is active in his local Parish, serving as the Chair for their multi-year Capital Campaign and leading a men’s group for young fathers. He is also active in his community, serving on economic development committees and helping to grow entrepreneurship programs. Brad lives in North Texas with his wife Mary and three young children.

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Cell | 940.768.9898


University of Connecticut | M.S.

University of Texas at Austin | B.S.